Saturday, December 10, 2005

Mine Eyes Have Seen...

I'm gaining new perspective on all sorts of stuff these days...some good...some not so good.

First off, I might as well get this out right away - Amy's medical tests came back. The call came Thursday during a very hectic time when I was trying to coordinate several family projects and Amy was feeling especially crappy. I was about to walk out the door with Lee and Ana but when I bopped into the bedroom to kiss Amy goodbye...she was on the phone...crying. The news wasn't good.

I'm not going to go into details - it's a female thing - it's about as personal as you can get. The situation is disconcerting but not life threatening. It will involve a small procedure but no hospitals...

It obviously wasn't the result for which we had hoped.

Still this is a clear diagnosis. The treatment options and expectations are also easily understandable. Considering we've spent a few years now dealing with medical vagaries, surgeries which accomplished little or nothing, and even stuff that seemingly worsened Amy's health...I can see this situation in a different light. At least we know what we're dealing with and we'll deal with it together. Thank you in advance for your prayers.

I'm also getting a new perspective of the world of the impoverished. I'm not talking folks in third world countries; I'm talking about people right here - in my house - and what they have to go through to simply get by. From bus schedules that are ludicrous or non-existent to petty bureaucrats who all give you different answers and then act indignant when you ask for clarity...It's a world I have not witnessed first hand before.

I was completely exasperated the other day when I picked up Lee from an agency that has given her and me three or four different answers to the same question and still no real help. Exasperated might be putting it mildly...I was furious and frustrated and I was only seeking information - Lee was the one who needs these bureaucrats to actually help her. As I fumed and blustered while driving home I looked over at Lee and she was completely calm. She looked at me and said, "Michael, it's like this everywhere when you're asking for government help." This wasn't a new perspective for her...she's lived it...and long ago stopped letting it frustrate her.

It wasn't a view of the world I really appreciated seeing...but I suppose sometimes you have to peer into the darkness to see the light.

This is another view of the world I have these days:

That's a Google map of where people who read my blog are located. It's fascinating to me...I apparently have no appeal to anyone in Wyoming.

I've decided not to let that get me down, especially since I noticed that Gann has nominated me again for his annual Christian blog awards.

I find it amazing that an obviously intelligent, well-read, good-looking, not easily bribed guy in the Philippines can find my writings interesting or amusing.

Actually I'm stunned he found my blog at one in Idaho has yet...Kansas fact it doesn't look like I've got any fans in Nebraska. Not one reader in North or South Dakota?

I need to work on my farm humor.

Later today I will get a view of something entirely different - actually someone.

Jose Gomez is coming to visit. I haven't written anything about Jose because I've never met him. He's Lee's husband. He's Michael, Ana, and John's father...and he's been a no show since day one of the Main-Gomez clan blending forces. I've resisted writing about Jose for a number of reasons but you can probably guess that the familial relationship is a bit strained. When he's here, I want to treat Mr. Gomez with the respect he deserves.

I'm going to have pray about that one though.

That's going to require perspective...a lot of perspective.