Thursday, December 15, 2005

All I Want For Christmas I Already Have

Where did the week go? I could throw out the excuse of being overwhelmed by the Christmas season, but I haven't even been inside a mall and don't really have a lot of shopping to do.

In truth, life has been excessively peaceful lately, although that's likely to change. We're moving up Christmas at our house to the 21st for a variety of reasons including having all our kids here - plus one of their friends - and Amy not being in recovery from her medical procedure which will take place on the 22nd. Joey and his "friend" have landed dream gigs drawing caricatures on a cruise ship (I hope they bring enough silver, grey and blue markers) but will be "at sea" on Christmas day.

This afternoon Amy and I will go out for a little shopping and as bizarre and uncharacteristic as it sounds I'm actually looking forward to it....a feeling I'm sure I'll get over quickly.

With Ana and Lee out of class we aren't on the transportation roller coaster either but I think I'm going to have to chalk up my recent lag in writing to far more obvious reasons: I'm lazy and the fifth season of West Wing came out on DVD. Erin got us hooked blame her...hooked on West Wing that is, laziness I mastered long ago.

Amy and I have high expectations for a spirit filled Christmas with our blended extended family. John and Ana are in for some surprises which are going to bring them joy, not due to any extravagance on our parts...due to their Mom's love. Lee admits she spoils her kids - although don't get me wrong they don't act spoiled at all - but with what they've been through this year Lee's certainly not going to hear anything about frugality from us. Lee has taken a temporary job working as a sales clerk in a department store - somewhere I wouldn't go without a shotgun, flashlight and combat pay - for the holidays to earn money and she's working hard. Maintaining her composure amid frantic demanding Christmas shoppers speaks again to her astonishing ability to roll with the circumstances.

We've really fallen into a fairly comfortable routine...which I suppose also helps provide me the opportunity for sloth.

I'm not going to look for any further explanation or excuse. Quite the opposite actually.

Christmas is early this year.