Saturday, November 12, 2005

Okay Maybe I'm Not Handling The Stress So Well

Those irrational moments...

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers...the previous post was a bit melodramatic...okay, greatly melodramatic.

I slept last night....maybe 8-9 straight hours. It's probably the first time I've had the chance to do that in two months. I can do my job - although Amy and I are now giving serious consideration to me changing careers - but I can only do it "well" if I have a schedule...a schedule to sleep...a schedule to work...a schedule of sorts to spend time with the things that keep me grounded God, my wife, my sense of service.

I will confess I have not had a schedule for any of them lately. There are constant interuptions...peace is hard to find.

Also there are some new health concerns lingering with Amy - nothing to freak out over - simply tests we must await results on and that's ratcheted the general stress.

So writing seems more like whining.

This too shall pass.

Bless you for your kind comments and emails.

The body of Christ strengthens me so.