Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Jesus Is A Gas

I'm sure this story is all over the blogosphere by now...rather than link to it I'll simply reprint it without the express written permission of the Associated Press.

AUBURN, Calif. (AP) -- Jesus saves -- at the gas pump? Two rival California congregations are feuding over a cheap gas promotion. Leaders of the New Life Christian Church offered discounts on gas worth about 50 cents a gallon.

Pastor Bill Jenkins says the idea is to show God is interested in everyday issues. But members of the Church of the Divide in Grass Valley protested Sunday outside the New Life services. They counter the gas discount is a marketing gimmick that cheapens religion.
The protesters carried signs reading: "Jesus cares more about your sin and burning in hell than gas prices."


First off I wouldn't be surprised to learn this was all a hoax - New Life vs The Church of the Divide?

In any case, in radio having cheap gas giveaways or other attempts to get free news coverage is called "stunting" and I suppose the term applies here as well. Occasionally in big markets radio stations will actually try to sabotage the stunting events of their competition.

I've never heard of churches doing it though...however if the "Church of the Divide" wishes its ministry to be centered on revealing "gimmicks" used by churches the field is certainly wide open...that is if the congregants can ignore those little voices in their heads saying, "Hello pot...kettle calling...you're black!"

What I really find fascinating is that this is apparently unabashed "competitive Christianity." I mean wouldn't you give almost anything to have listened in on the "battle plan" conversation that took place at the church that opted to use guerilla warfare tactics against another church?

Competition Christians. .. I think this is a market we have really ignored.

There's got to be a reality TV series or movie in this somewhere...

Maybe a game show would be better...

This of course leads us to the larger philosophical question: Can Jesus have gas pains?

That's rhetorical by the way...you need only look around to see the answer.

We are a silly bunch sometimes...thank God for grace.