Monday, November 07, 2005

Boundaries & Bungles

"We do not torture." - George W. Bush - 2005

I don't write much about politics or the war and I don't plan to start, but I must say when I see quotes like the one from the President today I have to wonder...why? Torture comes in many forms...I find it torturous listening to a few minutes of some types of music, while others will scream if forced to listen to Rush Limbaugh. To say, "We do not torture" is to make yourself an easy target.

Didn't the President see that? Didn't everyone on his staff see that? Doesn't everyone in Washington see that?

The President certainly should know better by now but he gave every political, philosophical and or military opponent of his and of this country "fresh meat."

Let's all put on our swami hats here....what do you see?

Let's guess.

A bunch of reporter's are going to look for - and find - someone who claims to have been tortured.
Members of Congress are going to hold hearings that will keep the torture issue alive and on the front pages of the newspapers because of their true concern about the matter...until the mid-term elections.
Every military adversary will push someone out into the 24 hour news cycle with a limp, a broken nose, missing finger, or other "good visual" disability who will tell a tale of how their injuries came at the hands of sadistic Americans.

Perhaps your mind has to be on the other side of that line they call "inside the beltway" to see a reason to make such a statement, but from my seat out here in the outer reaches I see a bungle.

In truth, I don't have time to concern myself with political bungles but it did give me pause to consider lines....and boundaries.

Finding the line to insure "alone time" with Amy while still making time for the Gomez family members is not always easy. Finding time for me to blog without being interrupted is hard, but Amy has actual "work" to do on her computer and she is an easy target for conversation...for distraction. Determining how to draw a line to make certain she can do her job without offending anyone is difficult - especially for a people pleaser like Amy - so we're working on strategies. Drawing a line that's honest and firm...yet still bends on occasion because it's basic component is love...takes an artist. It takes will take time.

Even after nearly two months, our relationship with our "blended" Katrina family is still new.

However God is the Ancient of Days...we have faith in His time.

Lord knows God has been excessively patient with us.

Besides there's one thing that's abundantly clear...we don't want too many boundaries.

They can easily become walls.

Everyone can see that....right?