Friday, October 14, 2005

Not A Moment

And not a moment too soon
Without a minute to spare
You touched my heart
When I didn’t have a prayer
In my darkest hour
With my world filled with gloom
Your sweet love saved me
Not a moment too soon

Those are the lyrics to a country song and I believe they are meant to be interpreted that the love of a good woman helped some guy turn his life around. Whenever I hear the song though I think of my life...and God.

I was 14 when my parents died. It took me the next 20 years to realize I was rebelling, raging and or retaliating against God...and then another year or two to realize He was gently trying to call me to Him all along.

I think this is why I am watching John' so closely. I fear his future could well be determined by how he acclimates to an entirely new world...a new home in a new city in a new state along with a new school, new people in his life, etc. He's only awkward age when everything is normal in your life, but Katrina picked up this young life, spun it through a rinse cycle, and spit it out tangled, tumbled, and turned inside out.

I don't think John' has mourned the losses he's endured and I'm certain that will manifest itself in new ways.

I'm hoping to steer him away from some of the paths I've already explored and found to be dead ends.

Somedays I feel like God has used my entire life to prepare me for this...I pray I am able.

He's only 13.

I was standing at the end of my rainbow
With nowhere to go and no pot of gold in sight
All my wishes were just way too much to hope for
But when I saw you I knew I’d seen the light