Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Friggin' Frigerators & The Iceman

We've been working with Lee and Ana to figure out a way they can go back to their home in New Orleans simply to see if there is anything salvagable. Logistically it's complicated since they don't drive, Amy's back won't allow her to drive, and I can't really leave my work, or my wife at this time. Some folks in Athens may be able to help and we can likely get them close by bus either way.

What to expect is the thing we don't really know. I do know one thing...the thing most returning Katrina evacuees dread the most - cleaning out their refrigerators.

While shopping with Lee and Ana yesterday we were discussing what supplies they should take with them, and I mentioned Vicks Vapo-rub to put under their noses because the smell might be pretty bad.

This morning I came across this story of the Iceman.

What really intrigues me about this story is that the guy not only married, fathered a child, but has since divorced and remarried.

If you live in a refrigerator...how do you go about dating?

I really want to see pictures of the wedding...that would be icing on the cake.