Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Best Of Times The End Of Times

It happens every time...someone says, "I think this is an indication the 'end times' are upon us."
Every time there's an earthquake.
Every time there's a hurricane...or two.
Every time there's a tsunami.
Every time there's a human tragedy too big for us to comprehend, it makes us think of other things that are too big to comprehend I think....like God and the end times.
In truth God is too big for us to truly fathom, yet many of us...then again maybe it's only me...have a mental image of God. I suppose that helps us to have relationship with Him.

Some of us picture Jesus with piercing blue eyes and long dirty blonde hair.

Although that seems highly unlikely considering what we know of the world and the times of His earthly ministry, but I see no harm...I see Jesus in many ways.

There's a televangelist in San Antonio who has made a good living selling books, tapes, and other end time tschokes...the times haven't ended though and surprisingly either has his non-profit church status.

There are hate groups that thrive on tragedies such as the recent earthquakes in Asia and hurricanes attracting people of like minds. They have a place to call home. It's not exactly warm and inviting, but I suspect they'll get enough warmth eventually.

So my point in this rambling is that I don't buy into it when someone tells me that this event or that event is a sign of the apocalypse...at least I didn't until now.

Yes, I'm a believer now.

Unless someone can give me a rational explanation for it all.

Oh...not for the hurricanes, tsunami's and earthquakes. No, sorry if I misled you.

I believe the four horsemen are about to cross the horizon for one reason and one reason only.....

The Cincinnati Bengals are in first place in their division.

Let us pray.