Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Weeble Wonderment

"Weebles Wobble But They Don't Fall Down"

We grabbed all our house guests last night and went out for pizza since everyone was still fairly exhausted and CiCi's pizza may not be wonderful but it's plentiful and it's cheap. Once we got past the "Hi, Welcome to Cici's!" girl we were able to sit and talk while being careful to skirt the temptation to come up with "to do" lists or write down itineraries. It was understood by everyone that we had a lot to get done and we'll be running around for several days until all those things settle down, but last night I think everyone wanted merely to settle in.

We ate too much - okay I ate too much - we got comfortable and we learned a bit about each other.

In fact I was struck by how "normal" the conversations were...we talked about Michael going to Houston, about him maybe finding a job for a day or two before he leaves...we talked about school and pizza and football.

The Gomez kids are respectful of each other, of us, of their Mom and of God and it's obvious this is not simply a result of them being on their "best behavior," this is the way they were raised.

There were certainly signs that they are a family in mourning. I haven't fooled myself into thinking these kids have always been this quiet... they're very aware that they have lost more than "things." Yet I was truly stunned at the entire family's resiliency. I'm not so certain I would "bounce back" or "roll with the punches" had I been through half of what they've experienced and there would be no distracting me...I would obsess over it.

On the drive home, Michael and I spoke for a few moments about it and he said, "We've simply got to do what we've got to do" and I knew he wasn't rattling off a cliché as much as stating a determined fact, with which he had come to terms.

When Amy and I went to bed we held each other and discussed our amazement at this family's strength. We both were certain had we endured such hardship we likely would not be so stoic. In fact we're in agreement you'd find us curled up somewhere in fetal positions drooling excessively.

Amy cried a lot last night...every time she started to envision how unimaginably hard it's been for the Gomez family and for so many other families like them. We both cried thinking of how we have come to be so undeservedly blessed.

"Weebles Wobble But They Don't Fall Down"

I suppose a lot of folks don't remember Weebles. They were heavily advertised toys that reached their peak of popularity in the late 60's I think. Weebles were hard little egg-shaped dolls. Even when their popularity waned in the late 70's and a last ditch marketing effort was made with "tumbling" Weebles I believe their slogan remained the same:"Weebles Wobble But They Don't Fall Down."

You could surround yourself or your kids with all sorts of Weeble accessories - Weeble cars, Weeble homes, entire Weeble towns and Weeble railroads.

Maybe I'm remembering things as I want them to be, but I'm convinced of one other thing about Weebles - they never sold them separately. I'm almost positive they were always sold in sets...in families.

I'm equally certain that the scientific explanation of why Weebles never fell down is due to their shape...but I like to think that despite some wobbles along the way the real reason Weebles always buoyed back up right is that they were never ever alone.

Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from Him. - Psalm 62:5