Tuesday, September 20, 2005

We All Carry Them

Mercifully I fell asleep before the Dallas Cowboys started playing like the Cowboys I've come to know....sigh.

We all have our crosses to bear. Especially this guy.

The New Orleans Saints are playing a few of their games in San Antonio this season since they like most folks in New Orleans were displaced by Katrina. It's no secret that San Antonio has been trying to prove to the NFL that the city could support an NFL team, but the NFL Commissioner is making it quite clear what his opinion of our city is...too bad my keyboard doesn't make hand gestures but his message to San Antonio is clear enough.

We didn't exactly get an outpouring of support from our church members when we asked for help transporting the Gomez family around, which is not exactly a surprise to me - I spent years trying to get help mowing the lawn at church and finally decided having me and another guy who want to do it is better than spending my time trying to convince someone else to give to God through service. I think you have to reach that level on your own if you're going to reach it all.

I was pleased that one church member did volunteer to relieve Amy of some of the driving one day a week...every little bit helps. We're determined to make this work and I haven't run out of ideas, I may approach the Catholic church down the road - the Gomez family is Catholic - to see if they might have some members who could assist us a bit although I haven't run that idea by Amy or the Gomez family yet. Plugging them into a church of their own faith seems a logical step though.

One way or another we'll muddle by...I was driving to work today and thinking what a miracle it was that God provided us with a second car recently otherwise we'd really be in a jam, so I'm confident God has this worked out...all we have to do is figure out what His plan is....ain't that always the case?

Rita is on the way...still no one really knows where....that's always the case too.

We'll bear that cross when we come to it.