Friday, September 30, 2005

The Story

I plan on writing it this weekend.

I've avoided it up until now. I've given brief overviews and a few glimpses, but the entire timeline, all the details of the story - the Gomez family's story of the "Escape From New Orleans" - that I haven't put completely into words.

I realize it sounds like the title of a bad movie...I only wish it was.

Our blended "family" went grocery shopping this afternoon. It's been a long time since Amy and I loaded up two grocery carts with food and clothing, but we've laid in enough supplies to last for a long while - even with two teenagers in the house.

Ana and I also stopped by the drug store and picked up her pictures from her family's final days in New Orleans, including a few shots of their travails taken before her camera got wet.

At some point this weekend I'm going to scan some of those photos - making sure I have the facts straight - then I'll do what I've been avoiding... try to put it down in writing where it will seem more real.

Ana, Lee and John' have no trouble talking about it...Amy and I have trouble hearing them...imagining it all.

The photographs remove all aspects of imagination from the picture. I won't to write too many words.

It's odd, as I have been writing this my mind wandered back to the origins of the Bible. I think about how those "stories" were spoken aloud, passed on from generation to generation...until someone wrote them down.

I suppose those "stories" became more "real" for a lot of people at that point too.

The Gomez family story is coming...

Thank God someone took the time to write down the Bible stories - I wouldn't be able to tell this other story without it.