Monday, September 19, 2005

Rants,Rita and Arrghs

Arrrrgh...I'm preparing for Rita at the office. I already volunteered to work an extra shift this Saturday to pick up some easy money and now the latest guess is that Rita may hit Texas and or Louisiana Friday night or Saturday, possibly as a hurricane. I've been through enough of these situations to know that it's way too early to start planning much but in light of the destruction of Katrina I also know officials along the Texas coast will not be taking chances and evacuation orders will come quickly if they feel there is any threat at all. San Antonio will be the primary city for evacuees if the storm hits near Corpus Christi, so we may become storm victim central.

I'm a little stunned that the Mayor of New Orleans is seemingly so anxious to get people back into the city when it's highly possible Rita could bring heavy rains to that area. I don't see the logic or understand the rush. Truthfully I've had a hard time understanding the Mayor's actions a lot in the past few weeks.

Our "adopted" family is not going anywhere for the immediate future. Our biggest issue is working out some transportation issues - none of the Gomez family members staying with us drive - and with two out of three enrolled in school and the third planning to be enrolled next month, getting folks to band practice, bus stops, making it easy for Amy and I to remember how quickly we got used to the "empty nest" syndrome. We're sure we'll figure it out eventually and it'll all become part of the routine. Right now though it's a little chaotic.

On a lighter note I hope you've said "Arrrrrr" or "Shiver me timbers" at least once today.

Today is Talk Like A Pirate Day

I know that's a little weird pirate picture....but anyone could have put up a skull and crossbones.

Go ahead...say "Arrrrr"... you know you want to matey!