Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Ramblings About Email, Patience & The Kyzynskis

I can't receive email.

This is really a place of terror since I communicate via email to all sorts of folks not the least of which are creditors...well actually they may be the least, but that's besides the point.

Amy "fixed" my computer enough to keep me limping along...we've decided to switch out my computer with a nicer one I bought Amy for her birthday...before I bought her another one for...well I'm getting off track. Anyway, with a few modifications I'm going to simply upgrade to a better computer so there's no sense installing a bunch of stuff on this one. Instead we'll eventually wipe this computer out and take it to our youngest daughter Lisa at Baylor in a week or two since her computer is starting to c r a w l.

Yes, Lisa that's a promise.

I can't receive email.

I hugged my oldest daughter Tiffany this morning for the last time for what will be a long while. We shared a coffee before she had to go run errands. Tomorrow morning early she boards a plane to a new season of life in Boston...Cambridge actually...Harvard. What an amazing kid woman she's become...and in a year she'll have a Master's degree...from Harvard.

Once she pays off her student loans she'll probably make enough money to support us....there's a bright side to everything if you look hard enough.

I can't receive email.

Some digital cretin has been breaking into the server I use and sending spam so the mail I receive gets co-mingled with 800 thousand offers of mortgages, drugs and goodness knows what else, so the server company will simply eradicate all of it.

One of those was a lengthy email from Tiffany...luckily she'll resend it tonight when hopefully the mail issues will be worked out.

For the interim though I can't receive email...and I'm complaining. What a whiner.

To think of what so many have lost in recent days and I'm bemoaning the loss of email?

Somebody kick me.

That's merely a figure of speech for those of you within distance to actually do it.

I'm rambling...I know it. Moments ago I read a heartbreaking entry on Deb's blog and I worry a little because I know the hill she's climbing. You're not alone Deb...you never will be.

Tomorrow, Amy has her hearing before a Social Security judge whom we have to convince that Amy was not able to hold down a meaningful job for the past couple of years while she was being fed through tubes...given enough drugs to spark a "Doors" reunion complete with Jim Morrison returning from the grave...not to mention the 18 or 19 hospital stays...including the three and a half months of last year she spent hospitalized.

We expect the judge to turn her down. She's too young to be disabled...by government standards.

We'll survive.

God will take care of us one way or another.

Lots of folks are climbing hills I suppose.

I will admit I found some humor in the fact that the folks in Houston tried to move some of the refugees from the Astrodome today and failed - at least at this writing. They wanted to put them on cruise ships that would stay in port but they still would be floating on water. The folks in the dome - most of whom need I remind you had been rescued from a flood - said, "Um...no thanks" or possibly words to that effect that were slightly more colorful.

Can you blame them? If you had just survived what many say may have been the worst natural disaster in our nation's history would you want to then go on a ship...in the Gulf? Sorry but if I made it through that ordeal, being offered a boat ride would be about as appealing as opening presents at the Unabomber family Christmas.

I spoke with Gordon this morning to pass along some thoughts and concerns about helping Katrina victims and found he's discovered some new ways our little church can assist them...tangible, do-able, Christ-like ways. Still I'm frustrated by the pace of it all.

I'm also frustrated that we can't inform the church because our email list runs through the same server as my email.

Patience...God finds lots of ways to teach me that...or at least attempt to teach me.

Well, what do you know? As I typed that sentence three emails came in.

Too bad Google grabbed the name Gmail...that really would have been a good one for God to trademark.