Sunday, September 04, 2005

Computer Meltdown

I couldn't sleep last night, which I suppose is going to become something of a regular occurrence, and I awoke at four a.m. thinking I would write.

Instead I made one little "dinky" change to my computer, which bollixed it up beyond all imagination. The more "fixes" I tried the worse it got and now I must deliver it to a higher power...Amy.

What's worse is Amy will look at me with those, "I told you so" eyes. I don't fix things well. I'm good with computers...but if you add "fixing" to the mix, the results are undoubtedly going to be less than desirable...especially if it's my computer.

I spent several hours on it before church (hey, no one was awake to tell me to stop) and then let an on line virus scan work for six full hours.

It found one virus...removed it...and then my computer demanded that Windows or some Microsoft product be validated immediately...I ignored that but couldn't get past it. So I validated it whatever it was...which then suddenly allowed my computer to appear normal...except it's not. It doesn't get on the doesn't print...there are programs that have reappeared from months and years ago...I have a feeling I'm running some morphed form of Windows...a hybrid of Microsoft Office...and goodness knows what else.

Anyway, Amy went to Starbucks where I believe her primary duty now is Hurricane relief. We're feeling pretty positive that we'll be able to bring some folks in to our home via Starbucks and possibly into our church as well. There is a lot to be done...which means my computer woes are going to be on the back burner.

This of course means one thing...

My posting will only occur when Amy isn't here.

It's not like she wants me using "her" computer...can you blame her?

Eeek...she'll be home soon...I better cover my tracks.

Watch for ways you might be able to help a small church help in a small way with a big cause!

And please continue to pray that we use this tragedy not as another tool of divisiveness...but as an example of how God can work in the world...when the world works with God.

Amy came home at computer, while still is fairly sorry shape and no doubt destined for a complete now working.

Why do I even bother to tinker?

That's a rhetorical question dear...I love you.