Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Out Of Gas

For the past several days, Amy and I have been entrenched at the law office where she used to work and now does occasional computer work. She's tackling the big issues - virus attacks, network stuff - and I'm fulfilling my role as "lackey."

That's my official title actually in our computer business which is technically out of business except for one or two clients...Amy is President and CEO and I'm the "lackey."

It may sound somewhat derogatory but when people come running up to me asking for help with this computer issue or that I need only mention my "title" and they smile politely and go off in search of Amy.

Anyway, I have done all the work I can do and am merely waiting for Amy to finish up...and write out the "bill." I'm good at that too...reminding Amy to bill the clients.

Were it not for the quadruple latte Amy brought me when she picked me up for day three of this exercise I would be asleep at this desk...which - for future reference - does not go over real well with the resident lawyers. They tend to expect me to be conscious and not drool on their mahogany desks even though my title is "lackey."

I wish I had some insightful thoughts to pass along today, but truthfully we've been working so much and sleeping so little that I'm fairly certain my wisdom well has run dry.

I have run out of gas...which considering the price of gas these days might actually be a good thing.

At least my chance to whine about being fatigued triggered my memory of this story.

I suppose it will have to suffice for my daily offering...and maybe fill your tank with a little humor along the way.