Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Once A Lying Thief...

Okay faithful readers...allow me not to waste your time by mincing words: Chase LIES! Chase... the bank...the one merging with Banc One your face!

They are LIARS!

The truth is a defense against libel so please don't worry on my account.

Ah...that feels better.

One thing nice about writing every day is that when you need to remember the exact date something important happened you can look it up on your this case the important thing happened on March 3rd.

That was the day that a representative from Chase....the bank that lies...told me...and Amy that they would reduce the astronomical interest rate they had been charging us on our credit card to a miraculous 7.99%. If you care to you can click back and read the entry that day...we were thrilled, it marked a small but dramatic turn around in our financial quagmire.

Now the lesson...if you're an electronic digital emailee kind of person like me you might pay your bills on line and when they send stuff to you in the mail you might not even open it, since you get the bill electronically too. If that is something you do....stop. Open the envelopes. Read the bills.

I opened our Chase bill the other day and was stunned to see they NEVER lowered our interest rate to 7.99%...they lowered it from the Mafia-like level they had been charging to something more akin to your local loan shark but no where close to 7.99.

I was at first confused, and then furious but the other day I spoke with a very nice woman who insisted she would refund all the interest we had paid in the past three months but I would have to speak to a "specialist" about lowering our interest rate. She said Monday was a bad day to talk to "specialists" and suggested I call back today. Moments ago I got off the phone with a not so very nice "specialist" who denied having any record of our rates being lowered - although our rates were lowered and there were records of multiple phone calls to their representatives that day. When I told Amy that she asked, "What did he think we were talking about...swapping recipes?"

Anyway, this clown/hired thief/liar with whom I spoke today said he could lower our rate to 14 point something something but would have do a "work order" to find a reference to the actual rate we had been promised. A "work order" would take 5 to 7 days.

I wasn't satisfied with that although I asked him to do it...nothing is going to satisfy me but canceling my account with Chase and watching them come up in Google when people type in "liar"

I could rant here for a good while longer, but let's put it this way - it took 5 to 7 minutes for me to put in a "work order" with our Credit Union to transfer the bulk of the money from Chase to the Credit Union at a fixed rate of 7.9%. I'm certain they'll approve it because our credit is much better now.

We're still in debt up to our eyeballs but we're keeping all the sharks fed.

The moral of the story? The obvious one is biblical: The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.- Proverbs 22:7

The addendum might be to remember never to trust a credit card company, and open those envelopes.