Thursday, August 18, 2005

Lunch At Tiffany's

I shouldn't be least not here...I should be on my way to work but having slept for 7 or 8 hours I feel like a human being again and don't feel like being a worker bee quite yet.

Amy and I have cleared the schedule for this afternoon - meaning no computer work for lawyers and no lazing around watching season 3 of "24" - in order to have lunch with our eldest child, Tiffany. The child who seems to tolerate us being childlike and whom I'm sure will end up with the job of taking care of her senile parents...once they declare us senile which I'm certain Tiffany fears could be any day now.

Tiffany's been working 60 hour weeks "waitressing" this summer to earn money before she leaves in a few weeks for Harvard and her Master's in Education Policy. This after spending the past two years teaching math to 7th graders and deciding public education has big problems, so she's going solve them.

This may be one of the final times we'll have a chance to share a meal with her...all to ourselves...for a while. I want to savor it...the time...not the meal. She's an amazing young woman who will turn 24 next week...but there's no limit on where she will go from here. I can promise you this...she'll blaze new trails along the way.

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