Wednesday, August 03, 2005

It's Early I'm Late

I should be leaving for work but two thoughts crossed my mind. First I'm too reliant on Bloglines. When someone's RSS feed changes (they change software or whatever) I may never catch up with them again until I start to wonder why they're not writing. Secondly I rarely see pictures and stuff with bloglines which is 80 percent of understanding some posts.

Anyway another thing that kept me awake last night was sparked by a wonderful post by The Reverend Mommy. I thought I might use it as a jumping off point to get a few new posts on the Schwab Blog which has again started to attract the slightly suicidal to semi demented.

Post your oldest memory or your memory of your oldest relative, or the oldest story you know about your family...leave a little history at the bar. Leave your name or be anonymous...The Schwab Blog is an open source blog.

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