Thursday, August 04, 2005

Hearing, Now Seeing

We have a hearing!

Almost exactly one year since I hired an attorney to fight the Social Security Administration's decision that Amy suffers from no disabilities, we have a hearing date for our appeal - September 7th.

I had to go back through my blog - yes, it's become a virtual replacement for lost brain cells - to remember when I actually first met with the attorney to discuss Amy's case. It was almost exactly a year ago and we've been through a heck of a time since.

I don't go back and read my old posts much, but I did today. I have to say it was pretty painful.

Amy was on her computer writing a whimsical email to some Pastor somewhere, and I was doing a pretty poor job of holding back my tears reading...remembering.

I don't know how all this disability stuff will work out...I think we've learned by now not to get our hopes set too high. Truthfully I can't envision how anyone can look at Amy's medical records and say she has not been disabled.

But it's the government.

I'm more thankful than anything else. Honestly, going back through those memories has made me appreciate today a lot more.

My wife is sitting in the same room with me, she's happy and she's relatively healthy...her pain is controlled...she has more good days than bad days.

And I do I.

Praise God!