Saturday, August 20, 2005

Blatant Self Promotion

One of the things I do for a living is produce a short Internet/computer related radio feature called "Cyberstuff."

I've done this for many years, it's a 60 second feature and the topics are all over the map. I opted to produce the feature for several reasons: I had been doing a weekend computer talk show that was being canned and I didn't want to lose the money and second it is relatively easy and occasionally companies send me free stuff to try out.

Anyway in the past month or two the webmaster of - the primary radio station that pays my salary has been urging me to also do a "Cyberstuff" blog...with him. He does computer related stuff for our TV station in this market WOAI-TV. He figured we could be a little more free to put stuff on a blog, and not be wedded to doing "reviews" of products all the time. Also he wants to gravitate toward putting my daily audio feature on the blog for download for folks who are into podcasting. Personally I think if you're downloading a one minute radio feature on some wacky computer subject you have advanced beyond the stage of "geek" but that's only my personal opinion.

In any case, the blog is's a "soft opening" at this point in that I'm not publicizing it yet and there's not much original content on it. Next week I hope to post something each day along with that day's radio feature which you can either listen to or I suppose download as some weird keepsake.

Since I've been writing this blog for a couple of years I thought it only fair to let folks who suffered along with me here get a glimpse of what the new blog will look like. Keep in mind the "Cyberstuff blog" is completely separate from The Main Point. The Main Point is mine; I write whatever I want here. Cyberstuff is a work product and I'll try to post brief bits of interesting technology related stuff there along with Cyberbob, my cohort in this scheme.

I've only posted one item on the Cyberstuff blog and it's not anything new...I merely wanted to test out the system I have to use to post there. I haven't tested the system I'll use to post audio but I'm fairly certain that will be easy enough.

So today I'm plugging the new can find it at:

Now I promised Amy I'd vacuum the upstairs and wash the dogs before we go have a late lunch with friends at the restaurant where Tiffany is a waitress.