Sunday, July 10, 2005

You Call This Civilization?

We're back in the land of many cars, lots of people and cable. After a grueling trip home in the little truck that might (pictures forthcoming) I answered the three personal emails I received while I was gone and deleted 380 spam emails most of which dealt with improving my sexual performance - oh Lord, what's that line going to produce on my Google Ad bar?

I took lots of pictures at Lake Erie but realized after I put Tiffany on a plane home that I didn't get a picture of our five immediate family members together...
I'll post more when we get home...and after Amy gives her approval since her hair is blowing in all sorts of directions in many of them.

Not this one:

I'm told CBS Sunday morning last week did a feature on Lakeside - our version of Mecca - no doubt ruining it for years to come. I'll have to see if anyone taped it.

Anyway, Amy is starting to twitch...which means only one thing...we need to go to Starbucks.