Monday, July 25, 2005

Working It....With God

There's little to report today. The usual hospital frustrations of nurses countermanding orders from doctors...doctors countermanding orders from themselves....Amy getting getting frustrated. I'm not going to write too much about all that, if you want to read my whining simply pick a day from last year's archives and go to town.

I did want to mention the two highlights of the day though.

One occurred when I came home, I was still very frustrated...I'm not sure what we're accomplishing and my schedule doesn't mesh with the people whom I'm assuming do know what we're accomplishing - okay that's all the whining I promise.
I opened my email to find a note from a woman who reads my blog. She was thanking me for writing the other day about the knitted chicken Viking hat.

She and her husband were experiencing health related frustrations too and she said that silly post helped her put things in perspective.

Her email helped me put my frustrations in perspective.

Sometimes God works that way I think.

The other highlight was when the hospital's "Financial Counselor" came into Amy's room. I was preparing to leave, but Amy had undergone a procedure earlier in the day which required she be knocked out. Of course only a few minutes before that procedure took place her nurse gave her a healthy dose of pain medication, and that resulted in Amy being well into a trip to La La land. It was obvious it was going to be a while before she was booked on a return flight.

The Financial Counselor was nice enough...we've met often although she always pretends she's never seen me before - I suspect she's confusing me with my checks which she hasn't caught sight of very frequently. Anyway, I was right in the middle of trying unsuccessfully to roust Amy when the Financial Counselor - I love that title, "Financial Counselor", it's much nicer sounding than the name the mafia uses for the same occupation - anyway the Financial Counselor paid no attention to my jumping about, shouting Amy's name, flapping my arms, etc. and quietly said she thought right then would be the best time to "settle our account." She said she didn't want Amy to "have to worry about it" amid the hustle and bustle that accompanies being released.

In other words...she was hoping we'd pay her this time.

I was at the peak of my frustration for the day and I nearly lashed out at her...but then it came to me...the answer.

I said, "Well, I'm so grateful you took the time to come all the way up to see Amy, but I can't answer your question...Amy handles all our finances." This was in fact slightly was a bold face lie, but right then it seemed like the right thing to say. I'll make amends with God later...hopefully He'll be merciful when that time comes and not check my credit rating.

The "Financial Counselor" then finally looked up from her stack of medical bills and actually took a look at Amy who appeared to be doing her best pre-rehab Robert Downey Jr impersonation. All I heard was her mumbling something to the effect of "Well, maybe I should come back later" as she scurried from the room.

Sometimes I think God works that way too.