Saturday, July 23, 2005

To Sleep to sleep....

We're embarking on a well traveled road at 4 leads to the hospital. Amy has been experiencing pain again which we've been hoping to treat via medication. However in recent weeks the pain has surged in intensity and the doctors involved in her case now want her at the hospital. When I say "now" I

Amy is of course "furbling" (a family word for finding all sorts of unrelated things to do when we should be in the car driving) and assuming she's going to get admitted to the hospital, so she's preparing music for Sunday's worship service as I consider whether coffee beans can be chewed.

I realize this probably makes little sense but in a nutshell I think I'm asking folks to pray. A simple prayer will do,

"Please God be with Amy...ease her pain."

I have to go now....and unplug her computer...which is a known cure...not for her pain, but for her furbling.

Hospital I come...I know you well.