Wednesday, July 20, 2005

So Long Ago...So Far Away...

I'll bet you didn't even think about it today.

I know I didn't mention it on the news at all. I suppose that's okay, it's not really's history.

This is a picture of what I call our "antique room" - a room I have tried to claim for old furniture and my future dreams.

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It's a constant battle since we don't use the room much...the piano where Erin practices is in there and I turned a china cabinet some friends gave us into my Spurs shrine. It's a little crowded and because we're not in that room often it's easy to let stuff pile up in there and forget about it.

Here's a little closer picture of our old librarian's table by the way...

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My 1938 Zenith radio is also in that room. It still works and one day I have dreams of fixing it up a little bit...not too much though...replacing the cloth with something closer to the original fabric...patching the veneer a tad. I probably should put a new cord on it too...I suspect that should be done at least every 70 years or so.

Yes, those are old newspapers on the library table. If you haven't clicked on that second photo to enlarge probably ought to do that now.

Go ahead...I'll wait.

If you still can't read the date here's a closer shot.

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People collect old newspapers from important dates in history. 36 years ago today was such a day. That newspaper is a copy of the New York Times from the day after man first landed on the moon. Today is the actual anniversary of the event...but I bet you didn't even think about it.

There's not much of a market for old newspapers...we bought those on the library table along with a couple of others for five dollars only a week or two ago at an estate sale in Ohio.

Yes, one day I'm going to clear out some of the stuff from that room and turn it into a place where a man can sit and think...and remember.

A place where I can make myself a present of the past.

A sidebar to these thoughts...literally. I wanted to seperate this but I believe it is interesting and worth pointing out.

One of the newspapers Amy and I bought in Ohio that day was a copy of the NY Times from July 20th, 1969 - the actual day of the moon landing. In fact it sits on top of that old Zenith radio.

Please excuse the grainy pictures but I took these in a hurry. I need to stop writing and start sleeping.


Obviously, the banner headline that day was that men were about to land on the moon, 36 years ago today. However there was another story that got its first mention that same the same paper...on the front page "above the fold."

Anyone care to guess before clicking on the picture below?


Whatever is has already been, and what will be has been before; and God will call the past to account
- Ecclesiastes 3:15