Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I'm Packed!

Well I'm packed at least.

I think I've stuffed everything I can possibly shove into my suitcase and I've still got 2 hours to spare before we head to Cincinnati Kentucky and walk to Indiana or New Jersey - the airport I believe covers 6 to 8 states - where the aircraft that will take us on the most direct route to Austin - via Minnesota - will be parked. Then a mere 9 hours later we'll arrive in Texas for the hour long drive home (thanks Erin!).

Yes it would make more sense to fly from Cincinnati directly to San Antonio; it would be shorter, save fuel, time, etc...but it would also have cost us hundreds of dollars more. It is invariably cheaper for us to fly from Austin to anywhere and it's even less expensive if we take the longest route possible - both in time and distance - to get there.

The airlines complain they are losing money...if they'd like to hire me as a consultant I might have a few bits of wisdom for them...aw heck I'll give them this one for free: the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

Amy has yet to begin packing so the show is only starting...she is still out chatting with an old friend at Starbucks. I figure she'll have about one hour to fit everything we brought (except the meat) into three suitcases plus 5 bottles of wine and six or ten jars of pickles...the wine is from a winery on Lake Erie and pickles are from Oklahoma - smuggled in by Amy's sister. I'm fairly certain Amy waits until the last minute to pack to ensure that I am in a complete panic by the time we leave...we each have our own forms of entertainment.

I am anxious to get home, for a variety of reasons...seeing the dogs, visiting with Erin, church, even work, but certainly one of the most appealing reasons to be back home is that I'll get back to my normal email set up which filters out all the spam. I'm not sure how I got on the list of people needing sexual enhancement drugs and stock advice but I must get 200 such messages a day now which are filtered out at home. I'd be a little concerned except I know I'm too broke to buy stocks so I figure they've got me on the wrong list for drugs too.

I think I hear Amy coming in the door...so the frenzy is about to begin. I shouldn't miss any of this so I suppose it's time to say, "Adios Ohio"

My next login will hopefully be from San Antonio, unless the airlines think they've found a shorter route via Puerto Rico.

One last picture featuring our daughters, my nieces, and the girlfriend of one of my nephews which I swiped off my step-daughter's blog.

We're leaving Ohio - assuming Amy gets packed in time - but we're taking the memories.