Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I'll Think To That

The doctors "think" they know what's causing Amy's sudden pain onset, but they want to keep her in the hospital under "observation." I'm not sure for how long...I'm not sure they're sure. No one could tell me why, although I didn't press the case.

Amy had a little mishap today which only added to my general frustration with hospitals. Her central IV line came out...unintentionally - she tripped over it. Although I wondered aloud why she needed it any longer anyway, her doctor ordered it replaced (it was put in to give her fluids because she was dehydrated and to administer a couple of medications which she could now take orally). The order for the new line came in before 10 a.m.... by 4 p.m. it still hadn't been accomplished. In the interim she wasn't allowed to eat or have fluids...

She needs fluids to avoid getting dehydrated, but no one seemed to make this connection and Amy didn't want me to start storming around screaming about the radiology department again (they may have a restraining order against me there by now anyway).

I suppose it's simply one of those days where things don't make sense.

Side note: Amy just called. She had the new line put in but wasn't sedated for the process, so there was really no reason for her to have been denied food and water all day. See? Utterly senseless.

On the way home I heard some dentist on the radio advertising his services saying he could "fix your smile" and "finally make you feel good about yourself." I wondered if the dentist was that shallow and if he thought everyone else was too.

Actually I had a brief mental image of an old "Kung Fu" episode...

"Master...I have climbed mountains, walked through hot coals of fire, looked deep inside my soul to find the key to happiness...please enlighten me!"

"Grasshopper, only when your teeth are white like pearls...."

Maybe that makes sense...it didn't to me.

I flipped around the radio dial although no one really has a dial on their radio anymore...or on their phones or TV's and I wondered why that word was still in our vocabulary before realizing I was thinking sensibly so I quickly stopped.

I landed on a station where there was some guy ranting about "Camp Quest" which is a camp in Ohio for the children of atheists and other "irreligious parents." I think atheist parents have as much right to send their kids far away for the summer as anyone else and personally I think it would probably be the best thing for them - the kids that is - I only wondered why they named it Camp Quest.

The Camp Quest website says they want to encourage "critical thinking."

"Master...where can I find the answers to life and more importantly the critical questions?"

"Grasshopper...first surround yourself with people who think exactly like you..."

It's been one of those days, when the world doesn't make sense.

Tomorrow will be better though...tomorrow will make sense...I "think."