Monday, July 11, 2005

The Final Chapter

Well, we finally got motivated enough to face the demons at HH Gregg. We marched in with the defective DVD Recorder/VCR in hand but we didn't have the receipt. Amy had her speech all ready and had spent a good part of the day getting the contraption to the point where it turned on flashing "loading loading loading" so that the customer service rep would not be able to dispute any of our claims.

I decided to keep my distance seeing that Amy was loaded for bear.

The customer service rep said, "Can I help you?"

Amy said, "My father bought this and it doesn't work when..."

The customer service rep stopped her and said, "Okay, we'll simply swap it out okay?"

Amy had a lot more speech prepared but she didn't have anything to say for that response.

Then the customer service rep said, "Um...they don't make this model any more" which is when my father-in-law chimed in,"How about you just give me store credit?"

The girl said, "Sure!"

That was that.

We directed my father-in-law to a DVD/VHS player...Toshiba...87 bucks. We advised him against buying the 24 dollar extended warranty since when the factory warranty runs out you'll probably be able to buy one for 24 bucks, and he left the store with the device and some 300 dollars in credit.

I am convinced had that customer service rep been there when we first came in last May I would not think of HH Gregg as a habitat for slimy sales sharks.

Amy asked if the store manager we had spoken with before was around and they acted like they had never heard of him.

I hope that's the case.

Anyway...I know it's a fascinating story but for those of you who follow my life like a soap opera I thought I'd at least include the final chapter.

The new device is already hooked up.

At least the day had a productive end.

Shortly Lisa will be home from work and her grandfather and I will take her out for pizza.

Some days get better...if you have enough patience.