Monday, June 06, 2005

When A Bomb Bombs

I guess I'm going to have come up with a new name for "Google bombing" since my tactics don't work with Google. Last month I tried to associate the phrase slimy sales sharks with an electronic's company in Ohio that I felt was, to say the least, lacking in customer service skills.

However it sort of back fired. If you type in slimy sales sharks in Google it will invariably bring up my blog not the web page of the firm which, in my opinion, is populated by slimy sales sharks. Google is obviously wise to my ways.

However MSN Search is another story. Their search engine appears to be easily manipulated by such silly shenanigans. Thus if anyone should go to MSN Search and type in the phrase slimy sales sharks the number one website that comes up happens to be that of an electronic's firm in the midwest of which I have a rather low opinion.

I do hate to take advantage of Microsoft this way....really I do.