Thursday, June 09, 2005

Weird...You Want Weird?

A couple of readers have recently mentioned some of the odd photos, articles or websites I've referenced here. I do read a lot of newspapers on line and various sources looking for strange things that I might use for my job and that's where most of the stuff comes from..usually.

Believe me there are weirder things out there. Like the taxidermist/artist who sells these little conversation starters - stuffed squirrel lamps.

Please note the lamp shade is not included in the $295.00 price.

If that's not bizarre enough for you...than you really need to log off, go outside, clear your mind...because otherwise you might wander deeper into taxidermy site and find stuff like this -

Those are muskrat feet earrings...reasonably priced at $18.

If you're looking for that quirky little gift that says, "Be careful, my name is Wayne...."

At least it's a good bet the love of your life doesn't already own a pair...hopefully.