Monday, June 20, 2005

The Team

There's a lot of talk in San Antonio today and as you might expect it is all on centered on one subject: The Spurs.

I'll have to admit despite a severe case of sleep deprivation, I'm reveling in last night's victory and feeling pretty confident that San Antonio will capture the NBA crown again. One of the questions being asked by fans, sports talk hosts and newspaper writers is who should be the series MVP? It's a good question, no matter which team wins.

These are two teams in the true sense of the word. Certainly they both have remarkable players, but unlike the Jordan, Shaq, Kobe dominated teams, both the Spurs and the Pistons tend to spread around the work...and the glory.

In the first two games certainly Manu Ginobilli would have to be considered for the MVP, in the next two my vote would probably go to Ben Wallace, and in last night's game there's little question that Robert Horry would be the top vote getter for MVP. Yet in all the games other players have performed admirably, although perhaps not always in such obvious ways as scoring. Bruce Bowen's defense for example has been critical and deserves a lot of credit.

The point I think I'm making is that these guys function better when they stop focusing on individual statistics, count on each other's strengths and at times cover each other's weaknesses.

Isn't that also the key to true spiritual growth?

Certainly you could study the Bible from cover to cover, memorize every verse and become an "expert" in what the Bible least the words. I think we've all met folks who can quote the Bible backwards and forwards and although I do admire their devotion and determination I wouldn't necessarily consider them the most spiritual people I know.

I think to really understand the Bible's wisdom and implications - to grow in Christ - I absolutely must be in the company of others, not necessarily in lockstep with them but sharing my hunger, seeking their wisdom, which means I must be open and willing to listen to varying viewpoints if for no other reason than to help learn tolerance.

I need community to keep me on track...not only a community of people but a community of ideas and questions as well as answers.

We are the body of Christ... and what a team we make when we realize it.

Love and faithfulness meet together; righteousness and peace kiss each other.
- Psalm 85:10