Sunday, June 26, 2005

Sleep With Me

I woke up this morning startled...made all the worse since it was 4:30 and Amy and I had decided we could stretch our Sunday sleep schedule to almost 8 a.m. - a luxury of sorts brought about by the fact we had both showered enough to pass for "cleansed" at church, and most of Amy's pre-church prep work was in the bag.

I'm not sure what woke me but I knew as soon as I opened my eyes there was no sense trying to fall back asleep - not that I didn't try - and knowing Amy was so exhausted I didn't want to risk tossing and turning too much so I got out of bed, grabbed a book and went out to the couch. I still woke Amy but she managed to forgive me or forget me or both and slip back into slumber.

Admittedly my sleep schedule is about as out of whack as it's ever been, but I had stayed up long after Amy drifted away last night watching "84 Charing Cross Road " to the point where I turned off the T.V. knowing I was getting too involved in the film - which we've watch innumerable times - and I didn't want to cede any more moments to its charms which could instead be surrendered to slumber.

Nonetheless, some four hours later I was awake, and I'm still uncertain as to why.

However I'm going to assign a reason to it for closure's sake - the reason is I need prayer.

Actually I don't need prayer for me; I need prayer for friends and relations and okay maybe a tiny bit for me.

My eldest niece Sarah is sick. She returned from a mission's trip to Venezuela the other day and came down with something upon her return. It's probably nothing, but it was Venezuela and I only get one or two chances a year to see Sarah, the most extensive of which is our family vacation and I want her healthy. My motives are purely selfish, Sarah laughs at all my attempts at humor no matter how lame they may be and I don't want to risk some doctor curing her of that particular mental illness accidentally while treating her for whatever Venezuelan virus with which she managed to clear customs.

On perhaps a more serious note I am asking you to stop and pray for my friend Matt...who sometimes leaves comments here and elsewhere as "Mr. J."

Matt is in New Jersey - we've never met - but his faith and upbeat attitude astound and inspire me. His story is one you should read for yourself, but right now suffice it to say he's sick and that's a very serious thing which could have a profound effect on some young lives that have had more than their share of profound realities.

So I ask that you spend one or two moments asking God to touch Sarah and Matt, guide their doctors and boldly ask for healing.

These aren't the things that startled me out of sleep, but they are the matters that weighed heavy on me today.

I am tired now and will sleep soon.

I will sleep better though knowing I'm not praying alone.