Saturday, June 04, 2005


On the downside of things, whatever crud I seem to have caught is playing hide and seek...One day I start to feel fine, and the next I have chills and sweats and occasionally feel like someone doing a bad malaria victim impersonation - although I doubt if there are any malaria impersonators out there so determining a "bad" one would certainly be a judgement call.

On the upside, which had offered a Netflix-like service for like 13 bucks a month went out of business as soon as we joined and gave us NetFlix for a year at the Walmart price which means Amy and I are now watching West Wing's third season in 4 episode increments.

I can attest that without DVDs or video tapes there is nothing on TV in the middle of the day on Saturday if you have el cheapo cable. I cracked open my eyes briefly and scanned the channels to realize my "best" choice was a WNBA game. Maybe I'm not sick...maybe the world around me is simply making me feel that way.

Anyway, I'm shivering - no one else seems to think running the air conditioning when it's 95 degrees out is unnecessary - I still feel lousy, my nose is running (I thought it was sweat but it's not - that's funny if you say it fast and take enough Nyquil).

Amy is baking bread.

The Schwab Blog is getting some life to it, so I think I'll make it a habit to issue creative challenges to post over there....The Schwab Blog Smackdown.

I'm rambling.

I could be watching The West Wing.