Monday, June 13, 2005

On The Other Side Of Words

I'm sitting here waiting for the phone to ring. It's sort of an odd feeling - a reporter is going to call. He's the religion writer (take note there's only one) for our major metropolitan newspaper. Not to worry, he doesn't want to know about me, he's apparently writing about Real Live Preacher and wants my "spin" as a member of the church which Gordon pastors.

I'm not sure if this writer knows I work in broadcast journalism which might make the conversation quite brief when he finds out, although I suppose I could always hand the phone off to Erin or Amy...they read Gordon's blog too and are not tainted as "members of the media."

I've always been reluctant to have reporters interview other reporters, there's something sort of weird about that, but I suppose in this instance I don't have my reporter hat on...

I don't really have a reporter hat by the way, or a trench coat. I don't even have press credentials that are valid for anything. I used to collect all the press credentials I was issued, until it became silly. I think the last one I was issued was to cover the "bones of St. Therese" which made a tour stop in San Antonio some years ago. There were thousands of people who came out to pay homage to the portion of her remains and media credentials were necessary to cut in line. That's pretty much all press credentials are good for, to get through crowds - which is probably another reason people think so highly of the media.

Anyway I'm rambling...waiting for the phone to ring because I have nothing else to do until it does. The real problem I'm having is I'm anticipating what the reporter is going to ask. I certainly don't want to sound like I have rehearsed answers...but I don't want to sound stupid either. Odds are that my contribution to this article - which will no doubt be relegated to the virtually unread religion section of the least read paper of the week, the Saturday edition - will be so fractional that there's no sense in thinking about it. I'll be reduced to a quote, and that's only if I say something remotely quotable.

So I'm killing time and taking my mind off it all by blogging...except I'm blogging about thinking about it.

Obviously this isn't working.

I'm going to do a crossword puzzle.