Saturday, June 18, 2005

Nitpicky Stuff

I noticed a little quirky thing on my blog which I have, of course, been obsessing over. So if you're a Bloglines subscriber you may get all these notices of new posts and then find they ain't new. It's an issue dealing with reading some of my archived posts with Firefox...and it matters to no one but me - at least no one has ever said anything to me about it. Still I want it fixed.

As is usually the case, I've fiddled with distracted while reading some blogger help files when I found another thing I thought I could do (bring up my old Haloscan comments and keep my new Blogger comments - that didn't work by the way, at least not yet) and then Amy told me she thought she could do what I originally wanted another way so I've turned that project over to her.

Soon we'll both quit and go spend our time together on this lazy Saturday doing something more meaningful...sitting around doing nothing.

A Saturday morning to waste together...shouldn't be wasted.