Friday, June 17, 2005

Nightmare On Main Street

Is it only me or is every other commercial during the NBA finals promoting an intensely dark demonical apocalyptic movie or television program?

I'm beginning to think when the real apocalypse occurs a lot of folks might say, "Is that it God?"

Really...I have this mental image of folks wandering about disoriented as the world is erupting around them but they aren't dismayed and frightened...they're looking for a theater exit door because they're disappointed with the special effects.

Have I mentioned I've had no sleep? I should probably mention that.

We watched the Spurs game at the home of some friends last night and had actually planned to simply stay there, I'd catch an hour or two of sleep and then go to the office and then pick up Amy on my way home from work. However after the Spurs performance which was followed by a pretty serious and prayerful conversation with our friends about some issues they're facing, Amy and I soon realized neither of us was going to sleep. We ended up driving home at 12:30 and then I simply turned around drove back to work.

I really didn't feel like a zombie probably because I saw what true zombies looked like last night...they look like this:

The Spurs are either auditioning for cameo appearances in some of those end of the world movies or else they have been demonically possessed by a minion of satan in Michigan. My best guess is Michael Moore and he's cursed them with his athletic abilities.

The game was I of course watched every last minute of it.

If you missed it...don't worry there are other zombies to choose from...Gordon sent me a link to Michael Jackson's website.

I hesitate to even put up the link, but I guess I will...only because otherwise you wouldn't believe me when I told you he compares his acquittal on charges of fondling a young boy to the freeing of Nelson Mandela, the birth of Martin Luther King Jr. and the fall of the Berlin wall.

Click here if you're brave enough.

I'm going to sleep now...but I'm leaving the lights on.