Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Mo' Motown

So it'll be the Pistons versus the Spurs in the NBA Finals. There are a lot of back stories to that series. I'm sure ABC isn't happy that Shaq won't be playing and that two teams known for their defense are going for the title.

A moment of silence for ABC...

Okay that's enough.

I remember when Larry Brown coached the Spurs. He did a daily radio show - the year before David Robinson arrived. The Spurs were bad and every morning we'd call Larry and ask him why the Spurs were so bad. It was "push a button any button to rid me of this" radio. I called it "Whine Time With Larry"....the next season, even though the Spurs did a complete turnaround I think we ditched the daily dose of Larry.

He may not be great radio but Larry Brown is a great coach, he is also the mentor of the Spurs current coach and the series is going to be a defensive war.

Then of course there are the Detroit fans...Oh yeah, this is going to be fun.