Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Limemerick Schwab Day

Hold off Spelling Police! I know limerick is misspelled in the title. It's of those clever ideas that come to mind at 2 in the morning.

The Schwab Blog while noble in intent has become at best a haven for the semi-suicidal it seems and needs some serious lightening up or I'm going to blow it up. Hey, I created it - I can tear it'd be my own Howard Roarke-like moment. If you don't get that you need to watch old Gary Cooper movies or read Ayn Rand or ask Chuck Sigars.

For those who aren’t aware, in other words most likely everyone, the Schwab Blog is an open-source blog experiment where anyone can post...the only real rule is keep it clean. I was hoping it might become a place for inspired Internet graffiti. It hasn't. I think there are only about a dozen posts. Some are very nice but much of the stuff is pretty gloomy. I think it's where blog writers go when they're depressed - sort of like an online dive bar.

So, I thought I'd try and provoke a "meme" of sorts and challenge readers of this blog to post an off the cuff, self-written limerick (see the clever title's meaning now? Oh be quiet, it's clever at 2 a.m. a.m. take my word for it) on the Schwab Blog.

This idea was inspired by the limerick my friend Harlan posted in response to one of my ramblings from a few days ago, and then a challenge to him by SteelCityGirl to write a limerick about a black widow spider under a tarp and the fear it inspired.

Anyway, I suppose to be a "meme" the limericks should be of the same general topic, but I'll give you several to choose from:

The Black Widow spider under the tarp.

The sticky seats at the Schwab blog counter.

Watergate's Deep Throat being revealed (remember the keep it clean rule...I will eradicate).

I saw God today.

And just in case only the depressed respond...the final topic: The end times.

Again anyone can post on the Schwab blog. You log into with the username: schwabwriter and the password: freedom and then hit the "new post" button. Then the rest is up to your creativity, boredom, and or suicidal tendencies.

I'll participate at some point...I promise, but this is as clever as I have time to be at 2 a.m.

Oh give it's clever I tell simply lack the coherency that blooms at 2 a.m. to realize it.