Saturday, May 28, 2005

Surfing With Lizzy

I took a lizard for a ride. I was driving Amy to work when she noticed a small lizard on the windshield. I had my pocket digital camera with me, it didn't have batteries in it, but for the record I did have it with me.

Anyway the lizard looked something like this except it was perched on a well dented 1997 Oldsmobile:

When I started to get out of the car at a stop sign to rescue the lizard, my wife - who is known to go into mourning over rigorized dead animals on the side of the road - gave me a nudge that could not be misinterpreted especially since it was punctuated with the words, "keep going we're late!"

So much for human kindness.

In Amy's defense, such little lizards or chameleons are everywhere in South Texas this time of year. One of our dogs makes them a regular staple of her diet, much to our disgust. It's also not uncommon to be sitting in what you would normally consider a "private area" of the house and suddenly notice that you're being watched by tiny little eyes from a creature that came in or under the door.

If you try to catch them, you invariably end up pulling off their tails which for all involved is a disappointing ending.

Anyway, I dropped Amy off and ran a few other errands and was headed back to the house when the lizard poked his head down from the roof of the car.

He disappeared out of my view moments later. I don't know if he ducked into some other spot on the car or flew off but I'm going to assume he stayed on for the full ride.

Perhaps I'm extrapolating too much of my life into the existence of a lizard, but it seems once you've committed yourself to the challenge - as insane as it might be - there really is no sense letting go.