Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Slick Folly

I write a lot of stories, but I'm not usually the subject of them. I mean there are plenty of people with stories about me (by the way God, thank you allowing most of my youth's stupidity to occur before the advent of the digital camera) but up to this point - with the exception of a local newspaper columnist who years ago made a passing mention of my gullibility and a LIFE magazine article when I was 6 or 7 years old that dealt with an experimental reading program in my 2nd grade class - has a writer ever peddled successfully published a story that featured me.

Now however I'm famous renowned mentioned in passing in something that's actually within the pages of a real magazine with a shiny cover and everything, Christian Century.

That I'm mentioned in that particular magazine is strange enough, but that I'm actually referred to in a somewhat favorable light instead of what I'm sure many well reasoned readers imagined might be an article about slack-jawed backsliders and how to avoid them is nothing short of miraculous.

Actually it's a story that's been published on the web already by Gordon - my Real Live Preacher - but in the web based version Gordon didn't use my real name....not my real first name that is....he had no problem using my last name as an adjective for the word "folly." I don't think I'll plumb that thought much further.

As many of you know Gordon writes regularly for Christian Century now but only a few of his essays make it to the print version of the magazine. The story of "Main's Folly" did, in the May 3rd edition. They used my real name and everything...I have a copy right here to prove it.

They even "tease" the story on the magazine's cover above the masthead with the words, "Congregational follies."

Mom would have been so proud.

I'm sure many of you will be rushing out to the newsstand to buy your copies before they're all gone.

Okay, some of you may find a newsstand that actually sells "Christian Century" and if you do I'll make this generous offer...I'll autograph it for you. Heck, I'll even get Gordon to autograph it....we both have wretched handwriting so you won't be able to read our scrawls anyway. I won't even charge you to glom onto my fame, and since Gordon already got paid I have no problem offering his autograph gratis as well.

I'm sure the mailman will soon be cursing my name due to the increased burden I am placing upon by him with this ludicrously egomaniacal humble offer.

No need to rush. I'll be here...waiting patiently...crayon in hand.