Friday, May 06, 2005

Pennsyvlania...Who Knew?

I have on my desk a letter sent to my office...destined for my Ignatius file - this one is from the Government...the Government of God.

I know you can't read that...and it's probably just as well. It doesn't make a great deal of sense. It's from Joseph A. Friscia - Governor of "The State."

In it he advises the Government of the U.S. and all Judeo Christian churches that effective today "I've removed my special protection and favored-nation status from the United States of America. You have been my servant, but the time and space allotted you has been taken up into the time and space of the heavenly dimension. It is now time for My Time. I establish a spiritual State on Earth. The seed will reside exclusively in the State of Pennsylvania until my Son's arrival."

The letter goes on to say that "effective today My Son's churches are decommissioned. Well done beautiful servant, but your message is now an old one. Beat your tithes into business shares and fill your purse."

There's a lot more...Governor Friscia,who seems to confuse himself sometimes with God points out that there is no other intelligent life in the universe. That "My Son's sign will mark the deliverance of the new covenant. The sign consists of an isosceles triangle denoting the new order of the age. Hovering above this will be the two great living lights which will beat and throb in unison."

Compared to a lot of religious pronouncements I receive this is actually quite sweet. He talks of joy, and how "all will be saved one day...even the silly Satan will be loved and saved! And all the universe will be transformed to perfection as it is interpenetrated by the eternal Negative Love of the God Family."

Okay, I'll admit some most of it is a little confusing...The only real requirement though seems to be we've got to be in Pennsylvania.

"Physical Pennsylvania , that is to say The House of Joseph, will be the only safe haven for My children. No one with the marks of heaven will be safe elsewhere."

I've never really spent any time in Pennsylvania, but my nephew and his wife live there. I'm traveling to Ohio in a week or so....maybe a quick a side know...just to be safe.