Thursday, May 12, 2005

No Kidding

Odds are I'll have plenty of time to blog over the next week, but I will be gone and there is the question of motivation.

We're off to Ohio for a week. Our son is graduating college on Saturday and our youngest child is moving to Ohio for the summer to knock out some courses at a less expensive school. Two years at Baylor and she's learned math.

We're running out of kids... they're all grown up.

We fly out Friday afternoon and the graduation is the next day. That means we'll have the entire week following graduation to simply hang out with family. That's going to be very cool. I've already got a book or two to read and have circled the times of the Spurs games I'll actually be able to watch.

No big events...this could be the best vacation yet.

See ya from the other time zone!