Monday, May 16, 2005

Missed Moments To Come

I am finding it difficult to write while visiting in Ohio. I suppose I'm outside my comfort zone...not that I don't feel completely comfortable here - I love it...the weather is fabulous, our accommodations are wonderful, we have loving family all around, lots of food, zero responsibilities, and if truth be told I could probably pick and choose "blog fodder" from any number of familial circumstances.

I could write my observations about my brother-in-law preaching with authority about the supernatural power of community and what church truly should be...I could probably come up with a few wry lines about seeing my step-daughter Lisa devour strawberries with near guiltless abandon and joy.

Maybe I'll be able to flesh out those topics another day, but not today.

Today I'll barely skim the top layer and let that suffice.

I could blame it on not being at my computer and say I am more at home writing at home.

I'm certainly not going to over analyze it - I'm on vacation and the pace of my life is such that I don't feel a sense of urgency to share some self perceived wisdom or insight.

Face it - in truth the only thing I really wanted to get posted on the blog today was that picture of Lisa.

I love it.

At the end of this week, Amy and I will board a plane home but we will leave Lisa here. I suspect that thought wants to crawl out from the safe place I've stored it - well out of view. I don't want to think about another child hundreds of miles from home.

It's silly. Lisa has been away at college all year, it's not like we've seen her all that frequently anyway. To top it off we'll be back in less than two months. We'll probably see her more this summer than we have for a couple of years.

Still the more I ramble the more I conclude it's not that I'm not at home writing here, it's that I'm not yet comfortable with the knowledge that we'll soon be leaving part of our home behind...

She'll be well cared for and loved. She'll flourish without us...far too easily.

And inevitably there will be strawberry moments missed...