Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Mad Michael Is In Flight...Take Cover

"Oh, that I had the wings of a dove! I would fly away and be at rest-
I would flee far away and stay in the desert."

I am not fond of flying. Actually it's landing and taking off that bother me more than flying itself, but I am one of those folks who tend to think of flying as something you should do "if necessary to get somewhere." Flying for fun is not a phrase that registers with my sensibilities, the few that I retain at least. Put that knowledge in your pocket for a moment because I'm going to drift a bit during this particular rambling.

One of the goals Amy and I have while in Ohio is bring her parents at least into the 90's technology-wise. I am coordinating the installation of some new home entertainment components while Amy is putting in a new computer, and ridding the household of Windows 3.1 forever.


As an aside: For those of you familiar with the practice of Google bombing which I have requested on occasion before I would like to ask that you consider Google bombing someone else. A company named H.H.Gregg. I would like it if at any time someone typed in phrase "slimy sales sharks" in Google that they would be directed to the website of H.H. Gregg. They're an electronics firm here in the Midwest who sell by commission. They sold my father-in-law a component which he really didn't need. Make no mistake, most of that was my father-in-law's doing, it was the slimy sale sharks we dealt with in trying to rectify the situation who ticked me off. They absolutely refused to make good on their promises, admit they might have misrepresented their product, and at one point told Amy, "Well your Dad is over 18, he can make decisions for himself."

Amy tells me the Starbucks trainers remind employees that people who receive good customer service will tell one person, but people who receive poor customer service will tell five.

"Hello H.H. Gregg...welcome to the Internet." You are a bunch of slimy sale sharks and I will tell more than five people!

For those of you who don't know how Google bomb or embed a link, the code would look like this: >a href="" target="_blank"< slimy sales sharks>/a< except all of the arrows (<) would be reversed.


Anyway, back to my story which Blogger keeps editing and it's really ticking me off...

My brother-in-law Mike (oddly enough all of my brothers-in-law are named Mike but that's another story) either sensing I was about to "Go Wayne" on the electronics or recognizing it was far too beautiful a day to waste, convinced me to go flying with him.

Mind you Mike and my father-in-law do not fly a fancy Cessna or other cushy aircraft...they fly a Luscombe. It looks something like this:

It's an all metal, tail dragging, stick driven aircraft built sometime not long after man invented fire. The primary question that was asked when I finally agreed to go up for a flight was, "Do you think he'll fit?" Followed by, "Is he sober?"

Suffice it to say it's not a large plane and it makes the middle seat of a Northwest Airlines flight feel luxurious.

Anyway, the flight was wonderful. Mike is a great pilot and a very meticulous person so I knew I was in good I had a large glass of wine before we left which Mike, being the forgiving Pastor that he is, tried his best to ignore.

There were no attempts were made to get me to vomit and the weather was simply gorgeous. I would do it again in a heartbeat...probably without the wine...probably.

I took a number of pictures along the way, some of which I will post, but at the moment I can't because this new computer Amy's folks bought from Sam's -not from some slimy sale sharks - doesn't have a floppy drive. My digital camera takes pictures on floppies. Once we Amy gets the computers networked I'll be able to post photos of Mad Michael in flight...until then I have an entertainment center to wrestle...up up and away!