Monday, May 02, 2005

Head West Young Weekend

I haven't blogged in four days. I think that's the longest I've gone without writing, with the exception of vacations, since I started this cozy corner of confusion.

Over the past four days I've really barely sat down at the computer. We had a garage sale Friday and Saturday which primarily constituted work for Amy but somehow I used that as an excuse. I did move a lot stuff and had some nice conversations with neighbors I didn't know we had. Admittedly there's something odd about talking to a couple whom Amy befriended earlier only to have the wife point to her husband and then say to me, "He's wearing your pants. We bought them for a dollar!"

Friday night Amy and I had a late dinner with friends...It was elegant and spiritual...I'm not sure where that relationship is leading us...I'm sure God wants us to explore it though.

I had a meeting of the church leadership Saturday morning where the pragmatic met the spiritual and each dipped their toes into the waters of wisdom and patience. I'm not sure where that will lead either but again I'm certain of our Guide.

Such deep thought of course led me back home to a period of profound other words I napped most of the afternoon away before having to take much of the stuff we didn't sell at the garage sale - stuff other than my pants - to the Cancer Society.

Then there was a late night Spurs game which I was actually able to watch since it was on free TV.

Sunday afternoon Amy and spent almost entirely in bed watching "The West Wing" on DVD.

We've never watched the West Wing...there isn't room in our lives for another TV show and I think both of us didn't want to like the show to begin with because it deals with politics and we tire easily of politics....but we had caught a few shows while channel surfing and had decided to rent the early shows when Erin told us she owned the entire first season on DVD...whoosh....there went a weekend.

And we didn't even get halfway through season one.

What's worse...or better depending on your level of denial...Erin came back from visiting family with season two in hand.

I may be out of contact well into June.

Now it's 2 a.m. on Monday and I don't really have time to blog, but Amy works for an hour this afternoon and I swore I was going to use that time to clean out a closet downstairs (Erin's evil influence is at work again) so we can store all of Amy's bread baking supplies in there. Should I succeed we will have reclaimed our front room for things that have not been seen for some furniture.

When Amy gets home from work I'm sure she'll want to relax...and I'll want to join her because we don't get to spend enough time together...

Plus if I don't join her, she might watch the next episode of The West Wing without me.