Saturday, May 21, 2005

Hands Off I'm Cranky

We're home. We're tired. Amy feels like she has the crud....and my mind is scattered.

A couple of passing thoughts....

I'm glad to be out of airports.

When did it become too difficult to turn on a faucet or flush a toilet or snag a paper towel out of a rack? Now airport restrooms don't let you touch anything. Part of me appreciates this considering the volume of people who travel...yet part of me fears what the future holds should this trend continue.

I think I'll keep my hands off that topic.
The Spurs have advanced to the Western Conference Finals!

That's going to be a tough series. Steve Nash is a freak of nature...and a heck of a ball player. Tony Parker is going to have to show up for this one.

The Sonics put up a good fight...until the end.

The Sonic fans who cheered when Tim Duncan went down with an injured foot should be ashamed. You wonder why sports figures have degenerated into thugs and drug abusers? Why shouldn't cheer injuries?

Seattle has 8 free agents who may leave and they may lose their coach year the only guy whose said he's staying with the Sonics is Danny Fortsen.

So long could have gone out with your heads held high. Remember that...when you're cheering Danny Fortsen.

Go Spurs.