Monday, May 23, 2005

Erin And The Three Tenots

Amy has occasionally accused me of being able to sing. I chalk this up to the realization that the more time people spend with each other the more they become like each other.

Amy can sing. I on the other hand am occasionally insane. I have not acquired any of Amy's musical acumen...but I believe some of my insanity may have finally spread her way.

Sunday our little church did something it needs to do more often I think - it looked outside itself. It didn't look overseas or into the barrio, it gazed less than a mile down the road to an "assisted living" center.

When our normal service ended, four of us went to that center for a short worship service with some of the elderly folks who live there.

Erin played the piano - choosing hymns she felt would resonate with the residents. The other three members of our "missionary team" were Gordon, myself, and Ben.

It was a small crowd and a short service, both of which may be further proof of God's mercy.

At our church there are a number of people with beautiful voices and a talent for singing.
Gordon, Ben and I are not among them. Yet, we three stood before this small crowd of people and sang.

We sang Amazing Grace, The Old Rugged Cross and a couple of others.

It was a performance worthy of the blooper reel from American Idol.

But some folks who normally wouldn't have had a church service Sunday were able to worship God.
We laid hands upon them and prayed.

And yes, Ben, Gordon and I attempted to sing hymns.

When we finished singing, there wasn't a thundering ovation of applause - I swear during our "performance" I saw one woman reaching for her hearing aid battery...I'm fairly certain she wasn't turning the volume up.

Over the course of my life God has delighted in putting me in awkward, uncomfortable positions...I have learned from all of them.

This is yet one more to cherish.

If nothing else we've reminded some folks of God's grace...and His sense of humor is occasionally off key.