Friday, May 27, 2005

Alive And well...

I took a small break from writing the past day or so because everytime I sat down to write I started detailing how lousy I felt - I didn't want to read it, why should anyone else. In truth I've spent much of the past two days - when I wasn't working - in bed. Tonight I feel substantially better, probably due in large part to large doses of caffeine thanks to my wife the Starbucks employee.

Amy is working for another hour or so, so I'm dashing out a fast note before going up to meet her...maybe she'll have the energy to do a crossword puzzle or something before we head back home and collapse.

Well check that...Amy just called with a "urinal emergency" at Starbucks, asking that I come right away.

No...I'm not going to fix it, folks who read this blog know how ridiculous that concept is, but we do have several plumber's tools which might aid Amy in her plight.

They sell there is a certain sense of urgency.

I'll have to let my thoughts clog up in my mind in favor of possibly providing some relief to the latte drinkers crossing their legs.