Friday, April 08, 2005

Well Now I Have An Excuse

I didn't write yesterday because I was doing "manly" stuff...trying to hire some real man to do repairs to our patio awning and asking Amy to price out the materials.

I was going to write earlier and actually knocked out some drivel, but Blogger seems unable to publish and I've learned that I can waste a lot of time waiting for Blogger to right itself, so I deleted that and took a nap instead.

That was a good decision since I see Blogger still isn't publishing what I write - computers with editorial judgment now there's a nightmare - so I suppose I'll take a walk on this glorious day instead of trying to sit here and come up with profundity.

Okay, profundity would probably set a new high-water mark for my musings, but you know what I mean.

It'll publish when it'll publish...I'm off for a walk.