Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Tupperware Jesus & The Holy Toast

Do you see God?

Silly question right?

Of course you do.

Oh. You don't?

Sorry, I thought everyone did.

I see God in the eyes of people and in their actions too.
I see God in nature a lot.
I see God with my eyes closed sometimes...in my mind.

Admittedly there's a lot of clutter there but God is there too...I'm sure.

I hear God.

When children laugh.
When Amy sings.
When people tell me stories of kindness.

By now everyone has heard of that Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwich that sold to some casino on Ebay.

I don't see the Virgin Mary there, but I see someone made some money. I hear the owner is now trying to hawk the skillet that made the Holy Toast. This is America.

I see God in America...although probably not as often as I would like.

Do you see Jesus or the Virgin Mary in this picture?

I don't.

That's a Tupperware lid, with a few decorations added. The decorations are appropriate I suppose since a woman in Corpus Christi has had it hanging on the wall of her home for the past three or four years. The woman, Alice Pulido, says she vividly sees the image of both Jesus and the Virgin Mary on that Tupperware lid and since she saw them her life has gotten much better. Her vision has improved and there is less pain in her life.

She prays in front of the lid and has no plans to sell it on Ebay.

She sees God in a Tupperware lid.

Now that I think about it, maybe I do too.