Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Picture Perefct

"Badges? We ain't got no badges. We don't need no badges. I don't have to show you any stinking badges!" - Gold Hat in "Treasure Of Sierra Madre."

The company has issued new identification badges to get in our building. Which means the most commonly heard phrase at my office today was, "My picture looks terrible!"

I was among those uttering that phrase. I have lost weight but the camera is supposed to add ten pounds, this shot looks like it took off about 30. I feel like I should post this photo with the message, "for as little as 52 cents a day you could feed this man."

I showed it to Amy and she shrieked...she says I look like a P.O.W..

Personally I think I look like I'm about 80 and it also subjects my gender to some debate.

Mercifully I am not required to actually wear my badge, I only need it to get in the door, so it is already entrenched in my wallet where it won't scare any children...or me.